I am a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Somerset England. After many years I have proudly reached obsessed amateur status. This obsession has taken me to many beautiful parts the world in the company of my wife Ann (planning department) and a variety of guides and mentors. There have been many amazing encounters with exotic creatures. A Blue Whale lifting its fluke over our heads in the crystal calm Sea of Cortez, a rare Spirit Bear only feet away in the temperate rain forest of British Columbia and Olive the leopard sitting right beside us at dusk on a termite mound in Kenya are just a few of the great memories. The not so great memory is being carried on the horns of feral ram up and down a beach of an uninhabited island in Tonga. My companions offered comforting laughter and a number of ‘helpful’ suggestions. No cameras or goats were damaged on that day, but the goat may have been consumed at a feast shortly after.

My overweight bag currently contains:

Canon 1DX Mk2
Canon 5DS R
Canon 300mm f2.8 IS Mk 2 (favourite)
Canon 70 -200mm 2.8 IS Mk 3
Zeiss 135mm ZE F2 Apo Sonnar (Seriously impressive image quality)
Canon 24 mm F3.8 T&S Mk 2 (still getting my head round the Scheimpflug Principle)
Canon 17 mm F4 T&S
Aspirin (see Scheimpflug Principle above)
+ Any other gadget I could conceivably need and a few I have never used.

This equipment has survived everything from sea crossings wrapped in bin liners, Mexican desert to dirt roads and in the case of my precious Gitzo tripod, submersion in a tropical rainforest swamp (long story – happy ending). This is a great tribute to modern equipment. I, meanwhile, may be getting a little frayed at the edges!

Please enjoy the images.